I am a PhD Student at University of California, Berkeley working with Prof. John Canny. I am based in Hong Kong | Berkeley, CA. I am familiar with Java/Android | Python/Django Development. I worked with Prof. Ranjitha Kumar in her Data-driven Design Group in the HCI Group during my undergraduate studies at UIUC. I was also the president of the Promoting Undergraduate Research in Engineering Committee at UIUC.

I am interested in Graphic Design and Photography. I also like reading about avation and playing soccer. I am an active supporter for New Sight Congo, an NGO that aims to provide proper medication and surgery to eye disease in the Congo Republic.

library_books publications

  • ZIPT: Zero-Integration Performance Testing of Mobile App Designs

    Biplab Deka, Zifeng Huang, Chad Franzen, Jeffrey Nichols, Yang Li, and Ranjitha Kumar
    Proceedings of UIST '17

  • Rico: A Mobile App Dataset for Building Data-Driven Design Applications

    Biplab Deka, Zifeng Huang, Chad Franzen, Joshua Hibschman, Daniel Afergan, Yang Li, Jeffrey Nichols, and Ranjitha Kumar
    Proceedings of UIST '17

  • ERICA: Interaction Mining for Mobile Apps

    Biplab Deka, Zifeng Huang, and Ranjitha Kumar
    Proceedings of UIST '16

  • Ranking Designs and Users in Online Social Networks

    Biplab Deka, Haizi Yu, Devin Ho, Zifeng Huang, Jerry O. Talton, and Ranjitha Kumar
    Extended Abstracts of CHI '15

group_work projects

  • HackUp!

    HackUp is a platform that facilitates efficient group-forming for people that possess various strengths with similar goals.

  • New Sights Congo Contact List

    An Django Contact List that is taylored for New Sights Congo to keep track of donor information of the organization.

  • Efficient Photo Sharing in Resource Constrained Disaster Reponse Scenarios

    An research project that focuses on measuring the efficiency of photo sharing in a p2p architecture and performing related optimizations on the architecture.

  • TABit

    An Android application that recognizes notes played by the guitar and transcribes into guitar tabs.

navigation coursework

  • Selected Coursework

    CS374 Introduction to Theory of Computation

    CS465 User Interface Design

    CS225 Data Structures

  • Teaching

    CS125 Introduction to Computer Science